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Over the last few weeks Alfold FC have been putting on their first sessions out in the Community & look forward to this just being the start.

Alfold FC have a vision of being more than just a football club we feel we have a responsibility to help support the development of as many people as possible that we are able to interact with & being out in the community is another way of reaching out & sharing our philosophy.

As a football club primarily yes we are helping players to develop into the best player they can possibly be, but more importantly we are trying to develop them into the best person they can be.

Sport & football in particular is a way of bringing people of all ages together & sharing our beliefs & ideas that we hope will help mould our young players with values & morals that will be with them for life.

Many young people are struggling for many various reasons especially with the current Covid epidemic, these young people need our support more than ever, some have never been given a belief that that can be something special, that they can have a positive impact in life, that hard work does get rewarded, our belief is that everyone has the capability of being special & giving them the right environment & support will give them the platform to go on to be a success in whatever they choose to do in sport & in life.

Our aim is to work with schools, youth groups & local authorities to identify those that would benefit from our support & how we can best offer our services to help support healthy body & minds.

If anyone is aware of groups that may benefit from this please get in touch via